Bug in "HB Color Rooms" component?

I’m getting some incorrect outputs when I use the “HB Color Rooms” component with my heating datacollection in one of my scripts. To me it looks like a bug, but I’m posting it here rather then github to see if there’s something obvious I’m missing.

You can see in the image below the EUI component and manual EUI calculation (adding all values and divide by total floor area) give an expected heating EUI of 98, whereas the output from the “HB Color Rooms” is exactly twice as high at 196. Is this just a bug? See attached script for a replication of the problem.

color_room_bug.gh (52.0 KB)

Hey @SaeranVasanthakumar ,

Because you have two rooms in your model, you are double-counting the EUI in your lower calculation. Remember that the norm_by_flr_ option is going to normalize each room’s heating by that room’s own floor area rather than normalizing each room by the total floor area of the entire model. If you set norm_by_flr_ to False and then divide the mass addition value by the gross floor area of the model, then you should get matching values.

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My mistake! I should have thought a little bit more carefully about what a norm_by_flr_ does in the context of a visualization component. Thanks.

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