Building Performance - How to turn off the cooling and heating?

Hello all,

I am a beginner using Honeybee, and I am trying to do a simple model of a heritage house in Adelaide, South Australia.
The idea is to analyses how the building performs regarding the indoor temperatures and compare to new buildings (that would be used for tutoring at the university)
For that, we don’t want to include any schedule of occupancy, equipment, cooling, heating, etc at this stage, just the building itself.
For the internal loads I set up the schedule to “always off”.
For the cooling setpoint I have created a csv schedule with very high temperatures (60C), and the heating setpoints with very low temperatures (-10C), that way the HCVA system would never be on.
But I am not sure if that is the right/ best way to do that.
Can anyone help me with that, please?

I am uploading my gh file.



HH_energy (761.8 KB)


@jucroffi You just need to set the zone as unconditioned at the first, the cooling and heating will automate to zero.

Ah ok, using the Plenum component, right?
I’ve just tried that and it worked! Thanks a lot!