Butterfly - Difference between 2 components

Hello everyone, i am trying to simulate an indoor studies within an urban field. I came across the block mesh component where i find cell count in the latest update. But when going through examples files it shows cell size. Please anyone can clear the difference between old component and the latest component input parameters

hi @Asisnath

the new component with the cell count works well with the wind tunnel grading component:

As you divide the wind tunnel (the computational domain) with blockMesh you need to tell openFoam how any cells would you like along the x y and z axis. The greater number of cells the smaller the cells throughout.
The gradXYZ allows you to gradually vary the size of those cells towards an area of interest, the functions to do so are not straight forward. Hence the wind tunnel grading component that allows you to define the size of the smallest cell you would like to reach at your area of interest (usually in relation to the scale of the details you would like to capture) just using blockMesh+grading (prior to snapping and refining).

I hope this is almost clear.


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Thanks for the quick reply @OlivierDambron. Actually i was using old method through the calculator to creat the grading (mainly understanding from old tutorials). One more request oliver can u share one example where this tunnel grading is used to calculate xyz grading. It will be very helpful to understand in detail.


in the latest outdoor example it is used. make changes to the cellsize and leave the rest to default.

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ok i will test that component. thank you @OlivierDambron

Do you know what wakeoffset, heightoffset, areaofinterest means?