Butterfly do not load geometries

Hello everybody!

I am trying to perform CFD analysis on a simple urban model, but with no luck.
My setup is Rhino 5, Openfoam 1612 (running on virtual machine) and the latest release of Butterfly 0.004.
I am using my self made (simplified) code and it runs smoothly, but looking to the results it is clear that Rhino geometries have not been taken into account by Openfoam.
I’ve checked Butterfly_Create Butterfly Geometry but there are no warning messages.
At this link https://we.tl/t-W3uRJzvXwz you can find both Rhino and GH file.

Last but not least, I tried to using the sample codes available with Butterfly 0.004 package, but unfortunately I got the same results.
Any suggestion will be very appreciated!
Thank you very much in advance,

hi @alberto.bruno

tip 1: please add a profile picture.
tip 2: upload your files directly here, its less clics to check them.
tip 3: when you update your ladybug honeybee or butterfly, use the ladybug update file compoennet to check for components that need to be replaced. I had some errors in your definition that needed me to redrop the component onto the canvas with the latest version.
tip 4: blockMesh divides the wind tunnel. snappyHexMesh makes the mesh snap onto the geometry. In your definition you skipped the middle part. I suggest you to follow the examples given by butterfly the outdoor and the 2d example.



Dear Olivier,

Thanks for your feedback!
Yesterday I was in a hurry and now thanks to your tips, everything is working smoothly.
I disconnected snappyHexMesh thinking thath this may speed the process but I was wrong.
Thanks again!

Hi @alberto.bruno, @OlivierDambron is right you seemed to have skipped the meshing part.

It gets easier to debug these errors as you go no worries! For example, every time you see an image like that, pressure and wind fields seemingly unaffected by your geometry (as if the geometry wasn’t there), then it’s probably that the geometry wasn’t there!

Another easy way to remember if all was included is speed. Your study should take like a good 30 mins to an hour to mesh and quite a bit to run.

Kind regards,

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Dear Theodoros, many thanks for your comments. Your feedback Is very appreciated.
I am still a novice but i am looking forward to take confidence with this tool!
Regards from Italy,

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