Butterfly Error - Running 0 Iterations and Failing To Find Probes


I’m trying to run an indoor airflow using butterfly and have come across two errors when trying to run the solution component. The first is I can’t extract the probes from the result as the file claims there are no probes within the folder location when there is. The second issue is I’ve set 5000 iterations which is the same uses in the example script, however, the component runs for a second before stopping and displaying 0 iterations.


My probe fields are also listed correctly and they’re in the folder when the error message claims there are non within the file location.

As for the analysis itself, I’m trying to see the wind flow on the first floor through 4 skylights. it’s an underground space I am currently analyzing.

GH Script: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KpELvJUh_xDMIgM5cc1T0TqadGr79G3Q/view?usp=sharing