Butterfly errors, "WindowsError"


Please change your username Win-10 to Win_10.

Hi how does this solve the issue? I never have this issue before. Having same issue. Work PC. Unable to change. Kindly assist.


  1. Please check BlueCFD version. Butterfly only worked with BlueCFD 2017.
  2. Please check your username
  1. Already on 2017 here.
  2. I am on a work PC with a dash in the name. I have NEVER had this issue prior to today with this program. Furthermore, your methodology (according to Microsoft representatives) is deemed as unsafe. Kindly provide a SAFE working method.

@alcy6600ff You can change username to no dash or no space format. You should post your error screenshot.

bro you just fucked up my start menu for me. i’ve already tried changing using regedit and my com almost broke. told you i’m having same error as the OP. thanks for almost getting me in trouble at work very appreciated :DDDD

at least explain the reason why a dash will break this, this is ridiculous.

As I knew,butterfly use bat command file for running. It does not support dash string.

@mostapha Hi Mostapha, Do you have a solution to this? It broke out of the blue for me today, I had no errors running it prior. I’m surprised that this issue has occasionally been occurring since 2019 without a fix…

clearly, there is something broken in this. i now ran it off another machine. another error :slight_smile: