Butterfly for a high resolution small scale model

Hi everyone,

I am new here. I recently encountered a problem with Butterfly for a small scale simulation.
have anyone solved this problem before?

Hi moon14, Welcome to the community!

I noticed that it’s been a while and nobody replied to this thread. I guess people don’t know your question; that’s why people in this forum don’t know how to help you.
[‘Butterfly for a small scale simulation’ is a very broad topic. People’s answers to this kind of questions are often ‘I don’t know.’ or ‘It depends.’]
I suggest you describe your question thoroughly next time so that people understand your question with the least effort.

Usually, you can follow these steps on this forum:

  1. Check if any previous posts in the community can help you by searching keywords.
  2. Create a post and describe your question as clearly as possible, including your thoughts, the methods you have applied, your guess about this problem, and sometimes your files and screenshots.

Then I believe you will get some replies.


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