Butterfly for Ship and Marine CFD


First of all, congrats for the great plugins Ladybug and his ecosystem are !

As I am actually working on CFD purposes for Ship Design, I am wondering if Butterfly provides tools or components to run OpenFOAM analysis on a Ship Hull ?
The goal would be to get a standard marine CFD computation, on multi flow condition (water + air), including the free surface deformation. Values needed would be at least the free surface elevation, resistance force along X axis, and other flow lines around the hull.

Do you think a such computation can be set and run using Butterfly plugin ?


Hi Mathieu,

Sounds like a very interesting scope you have. Unfortunately Butterfly is not set to generate cases that support most of the requirements for such a simulation. Even the meshing process would be hard to set up with BF currently as we don’t support (yet) different regions in the meshing process which I think is required for a ship hull simulation right?

Of course, as an open source community we would love it if people contribute ideas and knowledge to BF. If you’d like, and you’d be wiling to share a typical case set up for such studies, I’m sure we can work in integrating the workflow to Butterfly.

Kind regards,

Hello !

The domain meshing for ship simulation requires refinement around hull to take into account free surface interaction between water and air, but also boundary layers and viscous effects, you’re right.

Glad you are interested about it anyway !
Should I post or detail the case needed in somewhere particular (Ladybug forum, github issues or somewhere else) ?

Best regards,