Butterfly Heat Flux


Very often a surface temperature is not know - internal environment studies for example - but a heat flux is required. This could be a W/m2 or W/m3 but is there still no easy way to incorporate this within my Butterfly model? If needs be I could edit the files in the project folder if someone could advise me how!

Thanks very much!


Hi @EwanF,

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You can modify your boundary condition in the /0 folder, edit the T file and use heat flux boundary condition to input w/m2 (input value as X):

type externalWallHeatFluxTemperature;
mode flux;
q uniform X
value $internalField;

Keep us posted of your results with illustrations and description please.



Hi @OlivierDambron
The method that you used is nice. But I just want to do this in butterfly. So is there any custom python script for setting heat flux?