Butterfly hvac error


I am designing an airport in Bata, equitorial guinea. i am getting an error message running butterfly hvac definition that says " Failed to copy snappyHexMesh folder: [Errno 2]". the model is water tight. I am not sure why there is an error. please take a look. 05_hvac_yj_bata.gh (428.3 KB)190508_Roof_abstract_sim_standard_cfd_small.3dm (676.1 KB)


@YOUNGJAECHUNG Your miss the skylight connected to butterfly. So the model is not closed and failed to generate mesh.
Here is the right mesh of your model.

Here is the speed of this model

Here is the fixed grasshooper definition.
05_hvac_yj_bata-debug.gh (428.8 KB)


Thank you for the follow up. but I keep getting error that says

Failed to read C:\Users\yjaechung\butterfly\simple_hvac2\log\buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam.err:
[Errno 2] ‘C:\Users\yjaechung\butterfly\simple_hvac2\log\buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam.err’ can’t find file.: C:\Users\yjaechung\butterfly\simple_hvac2\log\buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam.err
I go to this folder an there is the file mentioned in the error message.

I am running rhino6 as an administrator and ran blueCFD-Core terminal as an administrator.

What could be the issue?? I don’t get why your definition won’t run on my computer.

I am uploading the full error messagebutterfly error.txt (61.4 KB)


@YOUNGJAECHUNG The error from butterfly showed the iteration is not converged. You should check all input of boundary condition.Maybe mass flow of the inlet and outlet is not balanced.


I increased the iteration count to 500 but still the simulation fails after 11th iteration saying the same message that it can’t find find located at “C:\Users\yjaechung\butterfly\simple_hvac2\log\buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam.err’ can’t find file.:”

I am using the same definition you provided without changing any inlet or outlet values. and I didn’t realize that there is a right or wrong value for outlet. I just left it at default value. I am quite puzzled and think maybe its an issue with my computer.


also i realized there was an error with snappyhexmesh, where it gave this error in the end : “Failed to copy snappyHexMesh folder: [Errno 2] ‘C:\Users\yjaechung\butterfly\simple_hvac2\constant\polyMesh\sets\wrongFaces’ can’t find part of the fiel path.: C:\Users\yjaechung\butterfly\simple_hvac2\constant\polyMesh\sets\wrongFaces”

butterfly step2 error.txt (136.7 KB)