Butterfly Indoor Airflow Results


I’m trying to generate indoor airflow analysis for a specific location and time of the day. I’m trying to achieve this by feeding velocity vector and temperature data into Inlet Boundary component from epw file. I’m using the indoor airflow sample file as a base. I’m trying to compare the difference between Kuala Lumpur and Detroit.

My problem is that I get exactly the same results everytime I run simulations even though input data for inlet boundary is different. The attached image shows the results for both Kuala Lumpur and Detroit.

I purged the case, deleted indoor_airflow file under users, but no luck. If anyone has an idea how to fix it…


02_0_indoor_airflow_for forum.gh (459.7 KB)

I realized that I had a solution parameter that’s overwriting the velocity, and that’s why I was getting the same results at the end. I don’t know how I missed that especially since Mostapha goes over this point in his indoor airflow tutorial…


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Thanks for letting us know @yoshikawa! Indeed be careful to assign different names to your studies (parametrically if you have to). Overwriting a CFD case isn’t something you want happen, especially when it’s a typical, real-life scale that just run for the last 2 days!