Butterfly installation problems——solution exception:failed to import butterfly:set your installation flavor in confing.yml

hi, Mr.butterfly, when I finished installed butterfly in rhino 6 and let butterfly fly, I got this error.
I checked code of this block, it seemed that butterfly can only install in rhino 5.0. And I adjust the path from 5.0 to 6.0, it doesn’t work.
So how to solve it, I have been puzzled for many days.

I’ve just installed Butterfly and it said that it has been successful, but I’m getting the same error as described above.

I’m getting the same error as described above.

you can uninstall blueCFD and install it in the default installation path

Can you write the deatails about the default installation path? Thank you very much!!!

Hi,@ForeverJack The default path of blueCFD-core is C:\Program Files\blueCFD-Core-2017.Please check it.

OK,I will try. Can I know which system version of your computer?Win7、Win8 or Win10?

@ForeverJack My system is Win 10

I think I miss a very important part. You install Rhino6.0 in your computer or Rhino5.0? I am not sure if there is a matching problem between the both versions of Rhino and your system.

Hi,@ForeverJack I am using Rhino 6 SR11 64bit\Butterfly 0.0.05\BlueCFD core 2017.2. These software worked fine on Windows 10 64bit system

Thank you very much! It works.

Hi @minggangyin - is there a specific reason for still using SR11?

Hi,@wim Rhino 6 SR11 or newer worked fine

I got the same problem as title.
My info: Win10 64 ; Rhino 6 SR23; Butterfly 0.0.05
What can i do?

Hi,@wanaboy Butterfly worked fine on my work station and my laptop.

Problem solved.
Set your openfoam installation path exactly to: ‘‘C:\Program Files\blueCFD-Core-2017’’.
I’m using win10 x64 & Rhino 6 SR23 & openfoam-v1912 (https://www.openfoam.com/releases/openfoam-v1912/).
Butterfly battery alive~
Thanks to Nan1939 and minggangyin