Butterfly : is it possible to simulate the outdoor airflow of a building with an internal courtyard

Hi !
I am a new user of Butterfly. I am trying to simulate the aiflow of a building with an internal courtyard. Right now, it seems like the simulation doesn’t take into account the presence of the internal courtyard (see image below). Does anyone know how I could have the airflow inside the courtyard ?

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The answer is yes. You should check the internal point and make sure the internal point is in the building.

If that wireframe corresponds to the geometry you simulated, then your simulation could already be calculating the airflow within that courtyard. The potential reason why you may not be seeing it in the results now are that your test surfaces is missing the part in the courtyard.

Butterfly sends geometry and inputs to openfoam
Openfoam calculates the flow around the geometry (or inside a closed geometry depending on setting)
Butterfly reads back the results for the entire computational domain and samples results onto a test surface where you can also see the vectors. In other words it projects the results from the cells of the openfoam mesh that are the closest to the grid points of the test surface.

hope this is somehow understandable and helpful