Butterfly outdoor airflow question

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I am trying to simulate the airflow in the built environment using Butterfly. But there is an error message like this:

“FOAM Warning :
From function virtual void Foam::probes::findElements(const Foam::fvMesh&)
in file probes/probes.C at line 119”

I am really confusing what is going on with the simulation or is there some problems with line 119? It would be grateful if anyone can help!


0922_Airflow_butterfly.7z (1.3 MB)

@hoganchan It is a normal sense The warning implied that some test point is not in the domain. It does not affect the CFD result.

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Yes I am trying to perform the simulation but this warning keeps running and it seems that it still has a long time to run. I am wondering isn’t that some of the refinement edges do exceed the wind tunnel and thus the warning came out.

Btw I am now testing for a smaller refinement region and will get back to you soon.


It is better when I scale down the model and set the refinement region smaller. I am wondering how can I bake the airflow arrow into the layer. Is there any ways to do that?

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I think I find the solution to bake the arrow.