Butterfly -> Paraview; Wind doesn't read geometry?

Hi everyone- I am following Theodore Galanos’ lecture series (https://vimeo.com/showcase/7101158) to test out Butterfly and wind modeling. I was able to get results from dummy boxes following his tutorial. However, I am getting an error when I include ‘real’ buildings that I want to test.

dummy box geometry

real geometry

real geometry, from side, U variable

As you can see, it seems like there is something blocking or stopping the general wind direction. Between the two simulations, I only increased the cell size from 4 to 6 (just to quickly verify that the ‘real’ bldg. geometry also works). Unlike the dummy example, These buildings are not on the same cplane but they are planar and closed. Otherwise,

  • building geometry has been converted to meters; shortest building is 7m tall
  • moved the building geo to be closer to World 0,0 – in case that made a difference
  • “end time” for controlDict is limited to 500 (following the tutorial, also to quickly see result)
  • checked that buildings were waterproof
  • buildings are ‘wall’ boundaries for the outdoor windsim, following the tutorial
  • verified that I don’t have extra geometry at the beginning of the wind tunnel

Any idea on what’s ‘stopping’ the wind from blowing further? Please help me troubleshoot. Thank you so much in advance.

Hi,@suelikescats Please upload your grasshopper file for further discussion.

Hi all- I figured it out. Who was I kidding? I had an OpenPolySrf with a non-manifold edge in the mix. (I also just did not know what that meant- I was just looking for naked edges)

Apparently inputting even one incomplete or invalid solid throws away the entire study. The tutorial I watched has implied that the study would still work, just that the holes would be calculated too. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

I wasn’t able to find a similar thread like this, so hopefully this helps anyone who encounters the same issue!

hello @suelikescats
i am trying the same script (Computational Environmental Design on Vimeo ](Computational Environmental Design on Vimeo).
i am having the issue at the end where “GhPython Script” creates the file in constant folder.
there is some issue with it … can u help out please