Butterfly: refine region in case from Geos

Hi everybody
I’m trying to use butterfly to simulate thermal environment in city area. The snappyHexmesh is a fine tool to refine the grids adjacent to the walls. I met a problem that the refine region can not be recognized when the case made of “caseFromGeos”, but works fine with cases made of “caseFromWindtunnel”. Is that the bug of the plug-in or I misunderstood something? Any one can help?

I got the same error, and solved the problem as follows.
Double-click on Butterfly_Create Case from Geometries and modify line 57 as follows.

//        case.add_refinement_region(reg)

It was just a typo.

Thank you kinonotofu. I found that before which maybe a small misquote of the codes. But I gave up the next step of using Openfoam as the CFD solver since it’s really hard to come out with the suitable mesh and get convergence, especially for non-isothermal questions. :joy:

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