Butterfly refinement level cell sizes

Hi Butterfly users,

I have been trying to understand the refinement levels of butterfly but I am not able to understand how butterfly arrive with any cell sizes. the cell size on the butterfly WTGrading component is limited to only 2 intergers, and I don’t understand, what is it’s effect.

I suspected that the XYZGrad component is how we can set up the level of refinements. However, I am not sure what are each input/output means. Could anybody direct me to a documentation on this matter?

maybe someone can explain to me what does this mean?

simpleGrading (
(1.0 20.0 1.0)
(3.0 60.0 1.0)
(6.0 20.0 1.0)
(0.5 70.0 1.0)
(0.5 30.0 1.0)

Thank you so much!