Butterfly result logs

hi, dear members,
we are working on optimization airflow via the BF(butterfly) plugin.
so we want to optimize the velocity parameter as genome but with record data log we observed during the run a single simulation many results logged in data recorder!

so what we can do about this problem?
Ps I changed interval to 1000 but it still not fix that problem

A CFD simulation goes through several iteration before it converges. The results that you should be looking for is the final results after the solution is converged. If I remember correctly I added an option to put -1 for component update not to output any values during the iterations for this issue. I recommend to search the forum and you should be able to find the solution.

@mostapha @hamed.sangin Hello, I received these results, but I noticed that the grid is gray and there are no colors. What do you think is the problem thank yo