Butterfly running issue: Invalid Input: <outdoor_airflow::SteadyIncompressible Recipe> is not a valid Butterfly Solution

Hello everyone, when running butterfly, the early Create case and snappyHexMesh both run normally and can display the building grid.

However, after running in the Solution step, only “outdoor_airflow::SteadyIncompressible Recipe” is displayed on the solution output. (Default configuration used by SteadyIncompressible Recipe, no changes were made)

At the same time, when the solution output and _fields(“U”) are connected through the Butterfly_Load_Probes battery, the battery turns red and prompts: 1. Solution exception:Invalid Input: <outdoor_airflow::SteadyIncompressible Recipe> is not a valid Butterfly Solution.

I browsed the relevant posts on the website and found that no one had this problem. I also checked that the BlueCFD version I installed was 2017_1, and the Rhino7 and Butterfly 0.0.05 versions used. I would be very grateful if anyone could answer. :smiling_face_with_tear: