Butterfly TLS connection error


I have been facing with TLS connection error.
Do you have any suggestions for solving it?


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I wish I had a simple solution for this. Based on the error it can’t find the default VM. Try to open the VM and start default manually.

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Dear Mostapha,

The thing is VM worked out fine. However, there is lot more.

First, i have completed the setups of rhinoceros- grasshopper -butterfly- openFOAM, and currently running them as administrator. The problem is I have been facing with SSH, TLS connection and certs problems (error codes as 125 and 255 most of the time).

Then to solve SSH problem, I have downloaded cygwing and SSH files were downloaded and seemed working fine. However, VM still has problems with SSH.

I tried many many things and obviously need your help. Thanks in advance!

All the best,


I also encountered with same problem. As I search for the problem there are many suggestions but not worked any of it. Will it be helpful if we change Virtual Machine software?

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Dear Friends,

The problem is solved and I would like to share it with you hoping it to be a solution in case of any need. Docker machine has a config.json file located in C:\Users\Username.docker\machine\machines\default
The problem in running is due to the docker, which cannot find the host address or trying the wrong address writen in config.json.
The solution is:

  1. Write ‘docker-machine env default’ command via cmd to see what the IP of the host is searching for.
  2. The command will get you to have the following strings:

SET DOCKER_CERT_PATH=C:\Users\Username.docker\machine\machines\default

  1. Then select part of the SET DOCKER_HOST=tcp://, copy it and paste it in HOST bracket in config.json file.

That’s it.
Hope it works for everyone.


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Thanks all for your responses. i was having similar questions and your answers were helpful to me.

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