Butterfly TSL error

I’m facing an error when creating Butterfly_blockMesh

  1. Solution exception:Error checking TLS connection: machine does not exist

I’m new to butterfly, please help. Many thanks.

1.Please check the version of Rhino, make sure it is highter than 6.0 SR13.
2.Please check the version of windows system, make sure it is Win 10.

Thank you. PC in my company is using win7. Is there anyway else to fix this error?

Hi @thai.le Sorry,as I knew, it is very hard to fix this TSL error on Win7.Please upgrade your system to Win 10.

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I’m upgrade to 10 and got this error

  1. Solution exception:Error checking TLS connection: VBoxManage not found. Make sure VirtualBox is installed and VBoxManage is in the path

@thai.le Maybe you are using old version of butterfly. Please uninstall it and install butterfly version 0.0.05.

I’m using 0.0.05.
But everything OK now.
After install and uninstall blueCFD core several times Suddently it works. I have no ideas lol.
Thanks for your help.