Butterfly - Wind pressure coeffients (Cp's values) for AFN models

Hello, Butterfly/OpenFoam experts,

I am running a natural ventilation study with EnergyPlus using the AirflowNetwork (AFN) Model.
To get more accurate wind pressure coefficients (Cp) I modelled the case with Butterfly as well.

I have followed the workflow suggested in this post to get the desired results (Cp’s): Error with wind simulation when adding awning window panes

However, I am quite lost regarding the coefficient values that need to be informed at the following fields: pRef; pInf; UInf; rhoInf, … , for instance.

I found some guidance here, but no reference values: https://www.openfoam.com/documentation/guides/latest/api/classFoam_1_1functionObjects_1_1pressure.html

I appreciate any help and hints on the matter.
Thank you all very much.