Calculate the view example


I’ve opened the calculate the view example from hydra on Rhino 7, but it seems not working on my computer. Does anyone have any ideas on it?


The hydra files are often based on older versions of honeybee. I’ve found the best way to use the components is to build up a model yourself, and just check with the Hydra file to check you have done it in the correct order and included everything that is required. If your still stuck then you can put a simple file showing the problem on this chat and someone is usually very helpful.

Cool thanks Shanice!

view sample.3dm (123.4 KB) (714.3 KB)
I’ve tried to use my own geometry, but it still didn’t work.
Any ides?

It works well on Rhino 6 but not 7. So for this script, I will open it in Rhino 6