Calculating Hourly Values for Luminace and Solar Radiation Using 3-Phase Method in Honeybeee[+]

Hello all, @mostapha @devang @AbrahamYezioro,

I am trying to simulate annual hourly illuminance, radiation and luminance values using the 3-Phase method in Honeybee[+]. My script is working fine for the illuminance calculation, but the same script gives me an error while I am trying to calculate the luminance and radiation values for the same grid points.

When I am giving input “0” in analysis type, I am getting the proper results for the illuminance values.

But, as soon as I am changing the input value to “1” or “2” for radiation and luminance analysis on the same grid, I am receiving the following error.
"1. Solution exception:AssertionError"

Kindly suggest, how to run radiation and luminance analysis using the 3-phase method?

I tried using the DCoefficent Grid-based recipe as well and it is working fine for me but since I am using window groups and BSDF materials, I am not sure that I can use the DCoefficent method or not.

I have a same question. Can somebody suggest how to calculate solar radiation values ?

Hi, Honeybee[+] does not support radiation analysis using the 3-phase method. You can do radiation analysis in Honeybee[+] using only the daylight coefficient recipe.