Calculating solar panel electricity output with ladybug

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I am trying to use ladybug to calculate the output electrical power of solar panels on the roof. Most important is to find the average power with direct daylight. I used SunPath and DirectSunHours to get the list of total direct sun hours in the given period of each grid. And I used SkyMatrix, IncidentRadiation, and RealTimeIncidentRadiation to calculate the received solar energy (kWh/sqm). After multiplying the result from RealTimeIncidentRadiation with the area of the solar panel, I thought I got the total solar energy within the period. Divided by the direct sun hours and multiplied by the transversion ratio (22%), I think the number could predict the potential solar panel electricity output power on average.

I uploaded the GH file with this Topic. And below there is the screenshot of the components I used.

Is there more various should be considered? Does anyone know this method correct?

Thanks a lot!

solar (51.4 KB)

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Sorry, I forgot to average every result, but I think it wouldn’t bring trouble to understand.