Calculating sunlight hours for grids in different directions

I’m trying to calculate for 4 grids (in one run) the amount of sunlight hours on 21th June. See below.

Some problems I see:

  1. The horizontal grid (ground level) has no correct value.
  2. The vertical grids have texts in horizontal directions.
  3. The colors don’t seem sequenced.
  4. The scale legend I would like only one time printed.

Any suggestions how to solve this? Thanks for any help. (499.0 KB) (geo internalized) original geo: house_KT.3dm (289.7 KB)

Some issues there:

The horizontal grid (ground level) has no correct value.

The normal was pointing downwards. Flipping it solves the problem. Did it in the rhino file and reinserted in GH.

  • The colors don’t seem sequenced.
  • The scale legend I would like only one time printed.

See image below. Just need to join the analysis meshes and flatten the results.

-A. (503.6 KB)
house_KT.3dm (289.7 KB)


Hi @AbrahamYezioro, Thanks for your help. I flattened it:

The results of sunlight hours are now correct. See:

Two things I would like to solve:
-To align the tags in the direction of the surface of the grid meshes. The normals are pointed in the outside direction as you can see. How to change the current direction of the tags of the vertical grids?
-The color of the gridmeshes seems a bit darker than the legend colors. How to get them similar?

Thanks for any help. -J-

For the color you need to hide the geometry in Rhino and some component in GH.
For the text direction see attached. I used the LB_Orient2Camera component. For refreshing use the button component (see white groups).
-A. (499.7 KB)

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Thanks! Interesting idea with the Orient2camera component. It works!


Didn’t understand your question well, but i think i did it in the file. Look at the white small group on the left, close to the mesh. I added an amplitude component so you can set the desired text offset from the surface.
Remember also to press the button for the refresh each time you change your view and want to see the results well oriented.
More tailored solutions you have yo figure it out yourself based on what you already have.

Thanks for your quick reply. I see two different concepts:

In the sketch you see a mesh and A means the text tag. (see below)

-Concept A: The text direction is fixed even after changing the camera position. That was where I’m looking for to solve.
-Concept B: The text is not fixed but and depent on the camera position (after reloading with the button). It works!

I hope it’s clear what I meant. Is it possible to make concept A? Otherwise concept B works also. -J.

You can use mesh faces to create a plane for each text similar to option A. In your case planes on the vertical surfaces should be rotated for 90 degrees to be perfectly what you want but this should be a good starting point.

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For concept B: The timer component works also fine in stead of the button. The text will be updated continually, -J…


I have some question regarding the position of the sunlight hours tag on the points of the surfaces.

So the text tag 3d gives the tag horizontally.

However, the text tag gives the tag vertically.

How can I get the tag on the points always parallel ON the surface?
Thank you!

You probably missed this thread on your search.

Thank you a lot! It works perfect!