Calculation for discontinuous periods

Hello, everyone!
I’m trying to calculate the energy consumption for three discontinuous periods -January 1st to January 19th, February 25th to June 16th, September 3rd to December 31st using Energyplus. Is there any way to achieve this? Can I use the analysis period component to do it?
Thanks a lot!

@icy ,

Good question. EnergyPlus simulations must be continuous because the thermal conditions within the model at a given hour are affected by those at the previous hours. So, whatever the case, you will have to run 3 separate simulations to get your results.

You could copy/paste the energyplus component so you have 3 copies to run the 3 simulations but this is not a very elegant grasshopper script. What you have in your screenshot there can work as a way to run 3 simulation with one component but you need to make one change: you must put in a list of 3 different file names to the _fileName input of the component. This will prevent each of the 3 simulations from overwriting one another so that you will get 3 distinct result files out of the component for each run.

I hope that helps!