Calla Dome: Invalid mesh Output & LBT Version?

Hi, it appears the calla dome has not been added to the LBT suite yet (unless i’m missing its new equivalent)…

In the meantime i’ve been attempting to scale the legacy call dome to match the sunpath, but its producing an invalid mesh, and therefore cannot be scaled or manipulated in anyway (was also wann’t to trim it by the sunpath)…

I’m assuming this is low priority for LBT, but hoping its a quick fix in the legacy version. regardless, appreciate all your efforts!

Legacy Ladybug does not work with Rhino 7 and this is one of the consequences of it. The Legacy code is such a mess that it may take a week to add support for this in Rhino 7 this whereas it likely only takes me a day or two to make a LBT version of this component that works in both Rhino 6 and 7. It’s just that this component has not been a priority given the many Energy and Radiance features that people have requested. If more people say that the CalaDome is a high priority, I can bump it up the list.


Hi @chris , just wanted to say I am also quite interested by this component in LBT !

Your timing is impeccable, @lionpeloux , as we just added this component to the dev version of LBT Ladybug a couple of days ago. We just called it “LB Radiation Dome” and you can get it by running the LB Versioner now. You can see it here in the right of this image:


I’ve just updated my lbt and the new component pop up ! Thanks a lot.