Can anyone share working revit/dynamo ladybug script with sample file?

Hi, as my previous post got no answers I am trying to rephrase the question.
I am trying to make ladybug work with dynamo but I have problems with it. The sample file is not working for me.
Can anyone share a working (tested!) dynamo script with revit file with information about revit/dynamo and ladybug versions used?

@ae You can upload the screenshot or the dynamo script.

@ae, Sample files should work. Are you using Dynamo 2?

I have 1.3 so that could be a reason! I will try with 2.0

It should work fine on 1.3.

Can you share a little bit more on what goes wrong when you try Ladybug/Honeybee in Dynamo? and what version of Revit are you using?