Can Honeybee generate angular fisheye image?


I have a quick questions.

Is there any options to generate an angular fisheye view rather than hemispherical in honeybee.

The camera type for image based simulation seems to have [1]perspective, [2]fisheye and [3]parallel, but the fisheye is set to hemispherical by default (correct me if I am wrong.)

Is there any way to change it?

Thanks in advance!!

I think @Byron has added this functionality to Honeybee at some point.

I’m not sure if we have it exposed but since Radiance supports this view that means you can also do it with honeybee.

In the worst case scenario you might need to edit the rpict line manually.

Thanks for your reply!
Right, I know radiance has this function but how can I approach it with honeybee rather than the camera type option in image based simulation recipe?
In fact, I would like to generate a 220 degree angular fish eye view. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any precedent on this.