Can i edit ladybug-rhino executable?

It’s been a while since I touched ladybug tools. I had to jump back in today and wanted to change legend text colors on a whim.
Figured that the text object was a class in the ladybug-rhino library, which seems like an .exe but can be imported by ghpython.
I wonder if/how I can edit the python library locally on my machine. How do i edit this “exe python” like i can a .py? Do i have to recompile this file somehow?

anyway so many new features and improvements. kudos to the team

That’s the command line to execute it - you can find the code for ladybug-rhino inside the (%username%\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\ladybug_rhino) folder. I’m not familiar with this particular object but you might be able to edit those properties directly inside the Grasshopper component.

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Thank you! That’s where I needed to change the code.
The color of the legend text is actually an argument in a draw method override on a GH class, not a property.
Not sure how to change that in the ghpy component.