Can I make indoor CFD analysis for more than one space (whole plan)?

Hello everyone,
I am aiming to do an indoor CFD analysis for two rooms and a corridor. Is there a way to assess the airflow throughout the three indoor spaces at the same time (using butterfly)?
I appreciate your kind help

Please, can anyone help!

I don’t know what exactly you are having trouble with. If the air in the three spaces is connected, then you can just calculate it as it is.

Actually, I am not able to add indoor partitions and openings (I want to circulate the air through openings installed in the indoor partitions). I am only able to manage the three rooms as one space dealing with only outdoor-faced facades.

The interior walls can be set up the same way as the exterior walls. The opening can just be an interior wall with a hole in it.
Or do you want to calculate the heat transfer in the interior walls? In that case, you will need to prepare your own OpenFOAM file, as butterfly does not support it.

Your question is not very clear for discussion.Please upload some screenshot about your model.

Thanks, I am trying as you said.