Can I make the command line window run in the background?

Hi all,

I’m running one of Chris’ micro-climate map definitions in an hour-by-hour fashion by animating a slider. The reason for this is that I’m trying to change model parameters for the next hour depending on what is happening in the current hour (e.g. if it is hot in this hour, a window will open in the next).

This means that the command line window keeps popping up every couple of seconds as the simulation steps through each hour of the year. It’s a long simulation and I’d like to work on other stuff while it rattles on, but since the window opens up in the foreground this makes it very difficult!

Can I force it to open in the background or not at all?


@MaxMarschall do you mean energy simulation?

Yes, I believe it is the OpenStudio simulation that is running in that terminal window

To run the energy simulation without the commend line popup, use “2” for “runSimulation” in the Export To OpenStudio component.

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