Can I reduce the number of zones analyzed in Honeybee Simulation?

Good morning, I’m simulating a 125 room (therefore 125 zone) building on Honeybee and using Galapagos to determine the ideal window to get the most hours of thermal comfort from Ladybug’s Adaptive Comfort battery for 6 the rooms I’m studying.
However, when I do the simulation in Open Studio, I need to connect all 125 building zones, instead of just connecting the 6 I would like. This is making my simulation impossible, because it takes Galapagos days to reach the ideal result.
When I connect just the 6 zones I want to analyze on the Open Studio battery, Rhino crashes.
Is it possible to analyze only the 6 zones I am studying, but still considering the interference of the other 119, to optimize the simulation time?
Thank you.

I can’t see the whole building plan, but I think if you simulate the every room around each of the 6 rooms and neglect others (you can combine all other rooms in the middle of the building block into zones of small number, for example only one big zone in each floor), the result will be not deviate much.

I think you can use approach suggested by this document:

Basically, you can just simulate the 9 most different rooms (see the document for full explanation):

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