Can i trust results even if get orange wrong at Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation

Hello everybody,

I am working on energy optimization with Galapagos and Ladybug tools. After the simulation, i look the separated data from _resultFileAddress and mass addition their numbers in order to find heating and cooling loads. I have 2 question;

1st Question- After the simulation i got always a orange wrong at Honeybee_Export to OpenStudio or Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation as you can see on image. But the result looks fine. Can i trust the result?

2nd Question- Although arrange the analysisPeriod only for 21st June at from 09.00 to 10:00, the result give me daily values. Is there any problem? or did i overlook something?

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The least analysis period you can define in E+ is one day. You can not define just one hour. The simulation engine needs to calibrate a few hours to get the simulation done.

Thank you for answering my second question Abraham!

The first question has been discussed plenty in this forum. Check for Solar Distribution Calculation.

For answer first question.
I found the answer Abraham. I just needed the right keyword! Thanks