Can Ladybug Tools be used for Official Energy Modeling / LEED?

This might be a silly question. However, I’m wondering if the Ladybug Tools (free) can be used for official LEED documents or official energy modelling? Or is that for Pollenation only?

I know that there are various software that can be used and that Ladybug tools use EPW data. However, the calculations don’t always use software from the approved list.

Visual DOE
HAP (Carrier HAP)
TRACE 700 (Trane TRACE)
OTHER (see requirements of Appendix G, Section G2)
BLAST (not mentioned within the LEED form, but listed in 90.1 section G2)
IES (Integrated environmental solutions, listed in LEED Advanced energy modeling)


Hi @rismail88 The engine of Ladybug energy modeling is EnergyPlus. So it is on the approved list.
Pollination as the cloud simulation of ladybug tool has released a new recipe for LEED energy modeling.
Here is the link:


Thanks for the reply @minggangyin

Maybe I worded it poorly, but I wonder if every recipe can be used for LEED. For example, HB-Radiance is used to calculate sun hours and sDA. Or sometimes, the recipes leverage Openstudio and Radiance and other engines to perform the calculations. Is EnergyPlus the main engine for every recipe and then openstudio is used alongside it to complete the calculations?

So in those instances, would those be compliant with LEED?

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Also can LB Tools produce ASHRAE 140 results at this point in time?

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