Can someone pleeease help me convert this sketchup model to a usable Rhino

It a mess after I import it and I dont know how to begin cleaning it. I’m new to this. I need to perform daylighting anaylsis on the model and need them to be solid with specific materials assigned. Please help me convert the model.

Thanks much

Hi @sreeja90,

A sketch-up model is consists of wireframes, shades, edge effects, and textures, but does not contain B-reps (solid). The most simple way is to redraw your model in Rhino. Have a look at this video:
A second option could be, to use the openstudio plugin for sketch-up, export this model to open studio and export a gbxml file out of Openstudio. The gbXML file can be imported in grasshopper with the “Honeybee_gbXML to Honeybee” component.


Thanks a lot I’m trying this right now.