Can we create zonelists?

Hi folks,

I’m used to doing energy modelling via SketchUp + Openstudio, but have been exploring rhino/honeybee for a while.

I’m interested in whether there’s a way to create zone lists in Honeybee, and then assign schedules/loads to the zone list rather than each individual zone? It makes the E+ file more readable and reduces simulation time since the number of objects is reduced. Any ideas?

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The “bad” news is that the is no HB component for creating zone list.
The good news is that you can add them as additional strings input into the exportToOpenStudio component.
Just add to a panel something like this:

!- =========== ALL OBJECTS IN CLASS: ZONELIST ===========

MyZoneList, !- Name
WEST_ZONE, !- Zone 1 Name
EAST_ZONE, !- Zone 2 Name
NORTH_ZONE; !- Zone 3 Name

and you will be set.

I’ve thought about doing this, and I might have to, but I’d really like my people objects assigned to a zone list rather than individual zones. If I use the method above then I would have a zone list, but my people/lighting/electric objects would still be assigned per individual zone. If I had a zone list, I could have one people/lighting/electric object assigned for the whole zone list (cleaner file, and could edit all zones in that zone list at once). I’d like to minimize the editing that has to happen in E+. Ideas?

This is true, but …
You can also add to additional strings the schedules you want and instead of defining it per zone you can give the zone list.

It requires more work from you, but it is doable.
I’ll definitely will add this option to the wishlist for a component or embed this into existing components.

Thinking a bit more on my proposal, it has some drawbacks since the idf will have 2 schedules (i.e. people). One with the HB definitions and another with the additional strings. Need to be careful using this solution, probably defining 0 for the HB loads and then use the strings for what you need.
I used this solution for one specific case where i needed two schedules for the same zone.


True, thanks for letting me know. I might give it a try today.