Can we divide a mesh from sunlight hourse analysis depending upon the colours

When we use sunlight analysis, it gives us a coloured mesh , showing how much area is sun covered and so on. Is it possible to divide this mesh into parts depending upon the different colour parameter we put in.
Example: Yellow is the default colour for the area which faces the most sun and blue the least, so can we divide the mesh in two parts , where the mesh area which is yellow is one part and mesh area which is blue is another?
I want these areas to put in as fitness in galapagos to find a form.

Hi @shraddhakemse2

I think you can use the Mesh Selector component to specify a level of performance that you want as a threshold in your study. Check the attached file on Daylight Factor analysis where the component was used.

Also, its easier to get assistance from the guys if you attach your Grasshopper definition on your enquiry post.

Good luck! (513.3 KB)

You can also use Grasshopper’s Cull Faces component to generate several new meshes. I used the file that @gmandevhana uploaded to create an example. I’m making 3 separate meshes for below %2, between %2-%5 and more than %5 daylight factor. You can use the same logic with sunlight hours. (509.1 KB)

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thankyou so much !!!