Cannot find E+ 8.1

Hi everyone,

I was trying to install honeybee/ladybug in my new computer but I could not find version 8.1. Did they remove it from the website? I tried 8.2 but it does not work. Does someone know where to find E+ 8.1?


If you use the latest version of Ladybug+Honeybee from Github it should work fine with EP8-2.


Yes. This discussion has related information:…

That’s pretty low of the DoE to stop hosting the 8.1 version. I understand if they really want people to move to 8.2 but this puts a bit of a hiccup in our development. Mostapha, do you think that we will have to do another stable release soon so that users don’t get stuck with a Honeybee made for an unsupported E+?


Would it help if I provided the 8.1 file in my dropbox for people that want to use it? I think I have the space.



Hi Chris and Theodore,

Chris- I think we can have a pre-release soon with updated version. My only concern is that because of issues with loading OpenStudio libraries we will still need 8.1. Chien Si is making great progress on his side.

Theodoros- Thank you for the offer. I’m not sure if we can distribute version 8-1 based on the license. I might be wrong though. If you have checked the license and it’s fine then that sounds like a good idea.



That sounds good. Another release would also be a huge help in with regard to the temperature maps. I have noticed a fairly large interest in them from the community and not everyone is using the same workflow because of development since the last release. Let me know when we have a date and I will be sure to have a final, stable temperature map workflow by then.


If you follow the link below, you should be able to view a more comprehensive list of EnergyPlus releases: 8.1.1 through 8.2.1.

EnergyPlus Downloads (

Thanks for the tip, Demian. That’s a huge relief to know that it’s still on the E+ Github page.


Thank you guys for your replies,

I changed the name of the folder containing Energy Plus from 8.2 to 8.1 and now it works.