Can't find bounce from surface and forward raytracing components on the LBT 1.2.0

I have to study how the sunlight will fall on a given surface and after updating to the latest LB Tools 1.2.0 I can’t find the forward raytracing and bounce from surface components. Is this normal? is there a workaround with the new tools?

Thank you in advance

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I just discovered the same thing. Was his component deprecated?

No, we just haven’t added it to the LBT plugin yet. We are almost at the point where we can say all Legacy Honeybee features are in the LBT plugin at which point I plan to add the last of the Ladybug capabilities like this.

I would still recommend using the LBT plugin where you can, though, since it has a lot of features that Legacy doesn’t have and there are generally a lot of improvements over Legacy.

Thank you so much for responding Chris