Can't find the default occupancy file error

hello Guys
the (( Read Annual Daylight Results I)) component shows this message error " 1. Can’t find the default occupancy file at: c:\ladybug\DaysimCSVOCC\userDefinedOcc_9to17.csv
You can generate an occupancy file and connect the file address to occupancyFiles_ input."
I searched on the net to find out the reason but I got nothing.
please help

I upload file in :

Please try updating the components and recompute the graph. The file should be automatically created.

I am encountering the same error. I tried updating the components (Feb 2020) and recomputing the canvas too. See screen shot below. Can someone post the .csv file so I can download and manually past into the c\ladybug folder? Thanks.

@devang @chris
hi again
i think it is a universal problem

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I also found this problem in the new version of Windows.
What is the solution to this problem?

I manually past that file into the c\ladybug folder. Is this wrong?

@Mohammad.hakim.a so what should we do now ?

I don’t know but i manually passed that file into the C:\ladybug\DaysimCSVOCC folder then it is fixed.
I attached that file.

userDefinedOcc_9to17.csv (107.5 KB)