Can't load my Ladybug file

Hi, I’m very new to Grasshopper and Ladybug. I have saved my grasshopper and rhino and closing it but when i try to reopen it can’t load my simulation? the importEPW component is in Red!

has the location of the EPW file changed? try the following file and see if that fixes the issue: Weather file aquisition .ghx (1.2 MB)

Didn’t change the location of epw file at all,Nothing works cant see the sun path in Rhino-tried recompute but nothing

First of all, update your components. You are using 2018’s.
Also check the name of the EPW. Has it “illegal” characters?

Updated to Jan 2020 but nothing pop up in Rhino environment and no the epw is downloaded from (

Thanks everyone I just restarted everything. I am sure It is a mistake in somewhere (because I am a beginner).