Can't paste all 8760 values in multi-line panel

Hi all,

can anyone help me with this, maybe i don’t know grasshopper so well, i searched the forum but could not find an answer yet:

I try to paste 8760 values in a multi-line panel, but the panel can’t fit all of them, only a part of them is pasted. Moreover, i enter the panel to “manually” write the rest of the values, but it doesn’t allow for any extra lines, it looks like it is full. I tried different values, and it seems it can paste all 8760 values if they are one-digit numbers. Anyone know why? P.S. they are pasted from the attached excel.

thank you in advance!

equipment Living Room.csv (201 KB)


I don’t think that the GH team build the panel to handle such long lists of values as an input. In your situation, I would just use the native Grasshopper ‘Read File’ component to read in the csv values like so:

Or you could use a specialized excel reader like that which comes with TTToolbox:

-Chris (6.99 KB)

Hi Chris,

i tried the native components as you show and the TT toolbox alternative and i get the list. I did not know of this limitation, it seemed weird (grasshopper looks so cool and powerful that i didn’t expect such a problem), but i guess such limitations are for the best.

Now its perfect, case closed!

T h a n k y o u !