Can't view IES file

Hello, why this error? is there a simple way to view IES file?

Runtime error (KeyNotFoundException): testDetails

  line 149, in __init__, "<string>"
  line 413, in makeLum, "<string>"
  line 706, in script

ies (475.4 KB)

Real_IES_wide_cone_floor_lamp.ies (357 Bytes)

Your IES file is missing several key details like the [TEST] information, [LAMP] etc. Additionally the shape of it’s luminous aperture (-0.090 0.010 0.010) that is not supported at present. It will still likely work on Dialux/Relux, however, as this component hasn’t been under active development since 2016, there is not much that can be done with this specific file on Honeybee.


Thank you
I find another way to read data using luxpy and hops component but still work on it to create point cloud