Capturing views to create an animated GIF

Hi @devang,

Have you used some GH component to create the gif?
Could you share how you did it?

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Hi @Federico587,

No. I just captured views and animated them using a free online GIF maker such as this one. There are many other alternatives as well. The workflow I used to take snapshots of each iteration is already there in the file I attached in the post you quoted.

Hope this helps!

Thanks very much @devang,

It helped very much, also to see the workflow of the file.
Nice the data recorder component, I did not know that it existed. I am using now the colibri aggregator that is fantastic, but also this one is very nice and fast.

I am wondering if maybe you can give me some hints regarding the output of images. In a case like this it is simple to save severals images and have them in the same position, so you can show it in a gif perfectly. But lets say that I run a simulation (daylight) and I output and want to show DA, the 3 UDIs, and ASE. What I do now is to set different top views, each one for one output and separated along the x or y axes and name each view. I then use the colibri aggregator to save at once all 5 pics. The thing is that they are not perfectly aligned as the images of your example, because to save my views i had to move from one to the next one with the pan, and so they are slightly displaced.

Do you have any idea on how to do it in a more classy way, if there is?

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Check for the input viewNames_ in the LB_captureView component.

@AbrahamYezioro is spot on. supply the names of the named views to the viewNames_ input. That should solve your challenge.

@AbrahamYezioro, @devang,

thanks for your quick replies.
Indeed I am doing as you both are saying: I name the views and feed the names as a list.
What happens in my case is that each one of the pics is slightly moved with respect the others. This has to do on how I set up my views in rhino.
So what I am asking, and I hope you know, is how I can set up 4 perfectly aligned views in rhino.
My written explanation is maybe terrible, but I hope the pics will help.




I see what you are saying.
Please share your Rhino and GH file if you can and I will give it a try.

I assume you have more than one named view and that is what is causing the slight movement in the animated gif.
I suggest to define just ONE view that fits all plan results. This should work well. There is no reason, if you do so, for the images to “move”.

Thanks @devang for having a look at it.
Here’s the files

View.3dm (28.1 KB) (637.8 KB)

As i suspected you have a few saved views in your rhino file. Probably you were switching between them and that’s why the movement in the gif.
I also suggest to use the LB_captureView component as in the image below. It will allow you to set the view and save the image.
I’m sure this will make you happy.

thanks @AbrahamYezioro for having a look at this file. Indeed the LB capture view component is very useful.
The issue here for me here is to save at the same time the 4 views, not in the same pic, but separately. This, as far as I can understand, can be done by setting in rhino 4 different views.
My question is if there is a system, I imagine in rhino, to save these 4 views perfectly aligned. I know is not HB or LB issue, but maybe someone here would know, because this tool is mainly used for parametric studies
Also I am using the colibri aggregator because it saves the results of each iterations in a csv, a part of the pngs, and the iterator help me with the brute force simulation.

Thanks again for your support and for your super quick replies.

I’m not surre i understood your workflow, but …
See attached rhino file.
I defined a frame for each view of yours, then i selected each and applied “Zoom selected” and saved the view again (see named views. They have the same names as yours + 1). In this way i guaranteed the zoom and location will be the same for each view. After that you can delete the frames or hide them so they don’t appear on your saved images. You need to update the names of the views in the GH file.
Please check it and tell if this is what you meant.
View_AY.3dm (42.4 KB)

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Thanks @AbrahamYezioro