Cartesian solar path Waldram Diagram

As an old Ecotect user I would like to plot shading result for a window/surface/room in a cartesian solar path diagram similar to the image attached. I would also like to be able to overlay any data like solar radiation, cooling need or outside temperature. I am thinking of writing a component that does this but before I do that I wonder if it would be possible to do this in Ladybug/Honeybee?


Check this file which I created while ago for a similar discussion. The trick is to map altitude and azimuth angles to x, y values. (418.1 KB)

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I am trying to swap another building geometry and there is an error (even baking the breps and reloading them). My another question is changing the north angle should affect the projections of the building on the Cartesian solar diagram, but it seems is not doing anything. Thanks in advance.

Ruben C

What sort of error?

That might be because I didn’t consider it in the projection. This was a script put together quickly to show the possibilities.

Thanks Mostapha for the quick respond.
The error is connecting building geometry. What I am trying to do is creating a Cartesian solar path (projected solar path on a specific massing) to analyse a fin that follows it to optimize the shape of those fins following the path. Not sure if with this script can do it. I have attached in case you want to take a look, thanks in advance!
Ruben (777.3 KB)

Hi everyone,
I tried to adjust the definition to create an actual Waldram Diagram. Could you just check if it makes sense for you to use? It is supposed to create the Diagram for any point, since the one posted by @mostapha worked mostly when the point was at 0,0,0. It also creates more points on the context edges to reflect the shape in the Cartesian projection as well as reacts to the changes¨in North orientation. (419.6 KB)


I know this is a bit late, but anyways.
Your problem is, that your building is

  1. way up north from the view point for which the Diagram is constructed. Even if you move the North in the Sunpath, and the diagram construction would react to this fact, the building you have there will not appear in the diagram.
  2. it is far far away from the viewpoint. even with proper orientation relatively to the viewpoint, the building would be too small to be seen in the diagram

Also, I don’t see the point of constructing the Sunpath with the center point in the middle of the building when trying to relate it to Waldram diagram. (this does not cause any geometry errors)