CFD ButterFly for PhD Thesis analysis

Hello @chris @mostapha

I need to perform a simultaneous natural ventilation and energy analysis for my PhD thesis. A friend of mine suggested using Butterfly in the LADYBUG software. The question is, would I be able to publish a paper using these simulation analyses? Would the results be as reliable as Fluent if I use Butterfly? Otherwise not using these software, should I use Energy Plus and Fluent coupled?

I would appreciate any instructions in this regard,

Thank you.

Butterfly uses a CFD program called blueCFD. blueCFD is one of the OpenFOAM programs for Windows. OpenFOAM is widely used and there should be no problem using it for the paper.

However, butterfly does not support all the features of OpenFOAM, so you should check to see if it can do the calculations you want to perform. My personal impression is that snappyHexMegsh does not seem to have very good mesh quality

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Hello kinonotofu,

As you say, snappyhexmesh does not seem to have very good mesh quality, my question is : which fonction is the most convenient to refine mesh in order to study the urbain airflow and outdoor confort ?

Thanks for your reply !

This is a topic that should be a separate thread.

In Butterfly, snappyHexMesh is the only way to make mesh.
Outside of Butterfly, cfMesh may be an easier way to create a little better mesh.
If you don’t need a layered mesh and don’t want to snap to a shape, you can use blockMesh with refineHexMesh , subsetMesh and createPatch to create a mesh.

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