CFD butterfly; SimpleFoam.err not generated/saved


I’m new to Butterfly; I recently installed the Version of butterfly that works BlueCFD-core (BlueCFD-core-2017-2-win64-setup ; 2019-Feb-23) I followed the instructions on and i’m running it on a windows 10 . I runned both programmes as administrator and blueCFD shows the message ‘environment is now ready’:

The example file: ‘02_0_indoor_airflow’, shows me an error that the simpleFoam.err is not been found, neither is it visible in the c://log-folder. I suspect that the file has not been generated or has not been saved on my computer. However with the example file, I’m able generate results for the residual values, and can simulate airflow vectors.

I tried with a study as well, see the attached file; where the same problem occurs; SimpleFoam.err not found; This time I’m not able to generate data for the residual values neither simulate the airflow vectors.

Files: TD_indoorairflow_3D.3dm (448.9 KB) (1.2 MB)

Has this same problem occured to anyone, does anyone know who to solve it?
Thank you in advance!