CFD coupled with thermal simulation

Anyone familiar with a workflow that couples CFD with weather files for indoor comfort analysis? I was wondering whether it is possible to somehow influence the results of a CFD analysis with radiation through windows and outdoor temperature conditions. I know from previous experience that CFD works in a manner where you define inlet and boundary conditions but not familiar with a more complex setup such as the one I mention above.

Anyone familiar with such a thing? Thanks!

@OlivierDambron or @TheodorosGalanos can share some insight on the topic.

hi @StefanosPapathanasopoulos

It’s an interesting one, I think there is a way to account for the solar load on surfaces in openfoam. I’ve seen some people trying on forums a while ago but I would need to check again.

So far I was getting surface heat flux in w/m2 values out of a Honeybee thermal model at key design hours and assigning the values with the boundary condition externalWallHeatFluxTemperature in openfoam. have a look at this thread

Let us know what you find, and if I see something I’ll write here.